I created the Entrepreneurial Innovation Accelerator program from over $2Million of research and 10 years of experience in bringing many of my own ideas to entrepreneurial fruition. Until recently, this content was only available for my own private ventures and friends, but now is made available to equip you with the comprehensive resources to bring your ideas to fruition.

Personal Coaching – Through the 10‐week Accelerator program, career inventor and entrepreneur Jay Martin will personally coach you through the entire process from idea generation to preparing to launch your entrepreneurial innovation and making money. Through the program’s comprehensive resources, we seek to bring your entrepreneurial innovation to fruition in 10-weeks compared to what may otherwise take years, and at a fraction of the cost. You’ll work side by side a community of other like‐minded individuals who can share their successes, failures, and challenges.

45+ Hours of HD Video Training – In the full Idea to Enterprise training series I share my core entrepreneurial strategies through over 45 hours of video on all aspects of Entrepreneurial Innovation, including Idea Generation, Patent Writing, Entity Structuring, Raising Capital, Leveraging Strategies, Tax Deductions, Deal Structures, and many more. These password protected online videos walk you through a step‐by-step process from idea generation to turning them into a source of income. All videos are Mobile (iPad/iPhone/etc) compatible to give you ultimate flexibility in learning this great content.

10-­Week In-Depth Mentorship Training – Live weekly training, one night a week, where we’ll expand on the Entrepreneurial Innovation materials, specific to your endeavors. This in‐depth live training forces to you take action on your ideas. Each week you’ll have specific action steps to follow, to proactively turn your ideas into a business. My goal is that by the end of the course, you will have an established business and working toward generating massive societal and economic impact with your ideas.

Training Week 1: Finding and Creating the Million-Dollar Idea You Already Have
- Learn how to tap into your existing creativity: We are all created as innovators!
- Strip away the worthless time-wasters that are gobbling up your mind and time and create an environment that actually stirs creativity.
- Turn vague hopeful ideas into a step-by-step entrepreneurial process that results in launching your new business.
- Uncover your innate God-given interests and ideas, and learn the various ways they can be turned into a source of income.
- Learn how to create new intellectual property.
- Case studies on the various types of business models you never knew existed.
- How to CONTINUE to create and monetize new ideas for the rest of your life.
- Why this tough economy is the best time to start a business.

Training Week 2: Bullet Proof Your Endeavors With Entity Structuring Secrets.
- Determine which entity type to use from a liability, tax, and exit strategy perspective. Missing this one will cost you tens of thousands!
- With 94% of the World’s lawsuits occurring in the United States, learn how to set up your business endeavor to be unattractive to a plaintiff’s attorney.
- Implement a little-known, but highly effective technique for stopping a lawsuit before it ever begins.
- Why I don't own a single asset – but instead have entities that own everything.
- Learn my techniques on how to strategically Separate Assets and Liabilities, and Split and Control Assets.
- How to hire interns and employees the right way, and strategically limit your liability.
- Why everyone should start a business – even if you are the sole employee and you sell no products.
- The step-by-step process to set up a business – including all of the legal documents I’ve used for my own endeavors to make it “bullet proof”.
- Discover how to strategically set up and use various entities together to legitimately and ethically pay less in taxes.

Training Week 3: Turn Life’s Expenses Into Business Tax Deductions.
- Learn how just starting a business may reduce your taxes by 50%.
- How to manage the fiscal side of a business in 2 minutes a day.
- Why setting up a business can reduce your chance of an IRS audit.
- Why I purposely never pay my taxes by April 15, and you shouldn’t either.
- How to legitimately and ethically get the government to pay for your vacations, dry cleaning, and new car.
- How to hire family members and pay them tax-free.
- Learn how to tap into available incentive programs that you should be utilizing as an entrepreneur, but aren’t.
- How to document your business expenses and be audit‐proof.

Training Week 4: Raise Capital Without Giving Up Equity Or Control.
- Why I don't use venture capital or banks to fund my endeavors.
- My 3 sources of non-diluted capital that few innovators know about or pursue, and the contract templates needed to put them into action.
- The psychology and contract wording I use to get investors to invest in my ideas.
- Real‐life investor presentation examples broken down and analyzed.
- You’ll script your own investor presentation and I'll give you the exact wording, slides, and documents I use.
- How to take away as much real and perceived risk for an investor as possible, so they are left with no reason to say no.
- You already know everyone with all the money you need – they just haven’t known they could invest in your endeavor. I’ll show you how to do it.
- How to create the right pitch.
- Determine return on investment (ROI) scenarios and capital structures.
- Find strategic partners that bring more than money to build your business.

Training Week 5: Develop And Launch Your Ideas For Free Using Leveraging Strategies.
- Learn my secrets for how to develop nearly any idea for little to no money.
- Why I tired my entire team of PhD’s in one day, and hired college kids instead.
- Get the exact documents I use to hire free labor for my projects.
- I’ll share all of the resources I use to develop my ideas, which you too can use.
- How I get university researchers to develop technologies for me for free.
- I’ll share a resource you can use to get a business plan written for free.
- How I get others to write grant proposals for me for free, and have used this to gain over $1Million in grant funding for my endeavors.
- How I launched new products for sale with no development or launch costs.
- How I licensed and sold $10Million worth of research from a Government Lab, and you can too.
- Why the saying “It takes money to make money” is a lie – it really just takes knowledge to make money.
- Access resources to evolve your idea into a demonstrable technology.

Training Week 6: Write Your Own Patents Versus Paying Your Attorney.
- Step-by-step process of writing a patent yourself without paying an attorney, using my patent writing template.
- 5 patent strategies your patent attorney won’t tell you.
- Learn how I get others to pay for all of my patent costs.
- Why I often don't care if I ever get a patent, yet ALWAYS apply for one.
- Why I submit patent applications on un-patentable ideas, and you should too.
- How to make your concept different than other intellectual property.
- Learn how to leverage patent applications to create economic value from your ideas.

Training Week 7: Monetizing Your Innovation.
- Learn the two strategies that matter most when it comes to turning your ideas
into pro^it (that no MBA program will teach you).
- How to ^ind and make personal connection with the right licensee.
- The 80/20 Rule of monetizing innovation: The specific strategies that will produce 80% of the results in 20% of the time.
- The actual word-for-word license agreements I’ve used to sell my ideas, even. before I ever created a working prototype.
- The importance of multiple sources of income and passive income.
- I’ll share some unconventional but highly effective methods of doubling your customer base.
- How to get others to sell your products for you.
- How everyone is able to generate income from their ideas in this Internet-based consumer world.
- How to generate income with almost no overhead.

Training Week 8: The Unconventional and Highly Influential Side of Marketing – For FREE.
- How I gained expansive national media exposure without a marketing budget, and you can too.
- The one simple strategy few businesses do, that will create a huge client list and increase sales 50%.
- The influential psychology behind messaging: Getting customers to buy from you out of principle.
- Word-for-word scripts to use to get media to profile your endeavor.
- The two simple strategies that turns radio and TV interviews into sales.
- How to interview in sound bites so that media coverage of your endeavor says exactly what you want it to say.
- How to get your customers and audience to remember your message, and spread it, through using my “Story Telling” strategy.
- The specific words to use in the subject line of your emails to get media to open it and respond.
- You’ll script out your own media pitches in this session.
- I’ll share the specific ways I ^ind and connect with media.
- The importance of casting a shadow bigger than you are.

Training Week 9: Maximize Pro]it by Creating Contract Deal Structures Terms.
- How to ensure you get the maximum out of any license agreement.
- Use my Master Command Trust to acquire wealth without paying a penny for it.
- How to acquire (or sell) on terms, versus price.
- The #1 mistake most people make when negotiating, that you can’t afford to not know about.
- Why you should position your company to sell before you start it.
- Be equipped to structure advanced and mature deals without having to pay an attorney to do it for you.
- Why failure to understand contract negotiations are one of the biggest causes of loss of money for your company.
- Understand the psychology behind negotiations.

Training Week 10: Vision Casting For Your Future as an Entrepreneur.
- The secret to getting daily coincidences for your benefit.
- Multiplying your influence.
- How to achieve goals far past your own capabilities.
- How to build and lead a team that will work for your success as though it were their own.
- Find out how to never have to look for new hires, but make the right ones come to you.
- How to build a successful venture without sacrificing balance in life.
- Why it takes core values of character, honesty, and integrity to build a successful business, not just capital.
- Members will graduate the program with an in‐depth vision for their futures as entrepreneurs, and be equipped to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

100+ Essential Legal Documents — Over 100 carefully drafted and ready-to-use legal documents that I have spent many tens of thousands of dollars to create for my own endeavors. These documents are an essential backbone for any entrepreneurial venture, yet are missed by most entrepreneurs. The fill‐in-the‐blank documents cover the A to Z aspects of forming and running nearly any business, including word-for‐word license agreement templates, patent writing templates, documents for forming companies, hiring employees, and 100 others. These will save you thousands of dollars from having to pay an attorney to create them for you from scratch.

Access to Jay’s Million Dollar Contacts – These are the experts I call when I have a business question — available to you, live.

Monthly Group Mentorship Training – Through this Live monthly training, I personally answer your toughest questions on bringing your innovative ideas to an entrepreneurial fruition, and keep you on track to TAKE ACTION with your ideas. In these I share in-­‐ depth invaluable resources and entrepreneurial strategies you won’t ^ind anywhere else, essential to build your venture. Included in the purchase of the Accelerator program is a “free trial” of the Monthly Group Mentorship, which can be cancelled at any time. The free trial period begins the date of purchase through the last day of the following month, after which MBI will charge the credit card $39.95 per month until MBI receives written cancellation.

Real-Life Case Studies – We’ll walk through real‐life specific case studies of successful Entrepreneurial InnovationTM members, and the secrets they learned to turn garage ideas into multi-­‐million dollar companies. We’ll let you behind the scenes of what specifically helped make them successful, and how they structured their endeavor to maximize their gain, and minimize their liability.

Bonus Investor Presentation — Ready‐to‐use investor presentation example actually used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in weeks. Includes the actual slides, deal structure breakdown, ready-to‐use legal documents, and advanced psychology techniques to raise capital quickly, and not have to give up any equity or control.

Bonus Marketing Pitch Scripts – The exact word-for-word scripts and psychology strategies I’ve used to connect with national media to profile my endeavors to millions of viewers, all available for you to use for your endeavor.

Lifetime Access — If you need to "pause" the course for any reason - like a vacation, wedding, whatever - you can pick right back up. The Entrepreneurial Innovation™ materials are yours for life. Use them for your current endeavor, and the next, and the next... Few innovators stop after just one idea! You’ll also have lifetime access to all video and legal document updates and additions.

100% Lose-­Win Guarantee* – I’m so confident in your success that if by the end of the 10-week Accelerator program, you do not believe that you stand to make and/or save at least the equivalent of the price paid, I will refund your money, and we’ll part as friends. I’ve seen the results that Entrepreneurial InnovationTM can bring to everyone, which is why I’m so confident that I can make this guarantee. If it works, your life will be forever changed. And if it doesn’t, you’ve lost nothing and learned some great content that will, at the very least encourage your creativity. This 100% ironclad guarantee is for the entire 10-weeks of the Accelerator program - and it’s my privilege to offer it to you to remove ANY DOUBT of what you can achieve. I have great expectation for your success as you pursue your entrepreneurial innovation.

Take action — Follow my proven techniques that have worked to help people like you and me transform our ideas into new business endeavors and a source of income. A year from now you will be a year older... how will your life be different? Is it time to step up and take action in pursuing your God-­‐given interests and ideas?

Pay In Full - $2,995

Pay 4 Times - $875

Monthly Group Mentorship