The Entrepreneurial Innovation Accelerator program is like pouring rocket fuel on your ideas - equipping you to bring your ideas to entrepreneurial fruition in a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost. Unlike other Accelerator programs, it is open to all types of innovators - including artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

The intense hands-­‐on mentorship accelerator training will equip you with the comprehensive step‐by‐step resources to start and launch your innovative ideas, and turn them into a source of income. You’ll learn the fundamental strategies crucial for every business – which are unknown to 98% of entrepreneurs. This Accelerator is perfect for innovators of all stages ‐ whether you are aspiring to launch a new idea or hungry to grow and mature an established business.

Our mission is to transform you from amateur innovator to professional entrepreneur. You’ll work directly with entrepreneurial mentors that are experts in bringing ideas to fruition. With a focus on applying concepts and resources to your actual ventures, this course includes 10 weeks of expert coaching, over 45 hours of in‐depth video training, over 100 carefully drafted ready-to‐use legal documents for every aspect of your endeavors, actual examples of presentations I’ve used to raise investor funding, and my strategic techniques you will never learn in MBA programs. These are the very strategies and legal documents that I’ve used to make my own endeavors successful.

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10 Strategies Critical for Every Business

...That 98% of Entrepreneurs Don't Know About